The customer (or payer in behalf of the student) hereby agree to take professional instructions with this school, the school agrees to provide a dual control car for all practical instructions at no additional cost.
A lesson consists of 120 minutes, and more lessons may be given upon customer request. Picking up the student and returning him/her to the pickup location is included. It is agreed that the owner, instructor, agent or employee of this driving school shall not give any impression, that upon completion their instructions, the school will guarantee the securing of a driver license to operate a motor vehicle.
For the driving test service, the company will pick up and drop off the student at the agreed location(s).
The school will not refund any payment of part of it, when the school is ready, willing and able to fulfill its part of this contract. "Appointments must be rescheduled at least 48 hrs in advance (excluding weekends and holidays) to avoid the lesson(s) to be forfeited, unless a reschedule fee of $35/lesson is paid. (Driving test service reschedule fee is $50 each time)" 
The customer agrees that all driving lessons will be taken within sixty (60) days (driving test service is exempted). Driving lessons not taken within 60 days may be forfeited unless a $35/lesson fee (plus any variation of price per lesson, if any) and payment reflects acceptance of all the aforementioned terms and conditions.