About the driving lessons

  • We work Monday - Saturday

  • Each lesson is 2 hrs (120 minutes)

  • Pick up & drop off at your location is included

  • Student must have the permit/license for all driving lessons (if no, click here)

About the driving exam with our vehicle

  • Transportation to the license office

  • Practice and mock test in our vehicle

  • Use of school car for the driving exam

  • Help every step, the day of the driving exam

  • Transportation from the license office to home, school, work, etc.


  • Certificate for Insurance discount available with 3 lessons minimum (discounts will be at the discretion of your insurance provider)

  • Discounts can’t be combined or prorated.

Suggested to have an evaluation to determine the number of lessons needed to be a defensive driver

  • 1 lesson - $145

  • Driving exam - $185 (additional)

  • Night lessons - $180 each


Suggested for experienced drivers (usually people with a license from another state or country who have years of experience) looking to learn the correct way to drive in Florida, and also to pass the driving exam to obtain the Florida license.

  • 3 lessons only - $390

  • 3 lessons + Driving exam - $560

  • Lessons $130/ea & Driving exam $170

  • Savings up to $60


Good option for people with some driving experience in Florida traffic, looking to gain confidence in heavy traffic conditions, cover the maneuvers to pass the driving exam (reverse, 3 point-turn & head-in parking) and learn some defensive driving techniques. (Night lessons can be added based on student’s performance).

  • 6 lessons only - $690

  • 6 lessons + Driving exam - $845

  • Lessons $115/ea & Driving exam $155

  • Savings up to $210


Excellent option for people with none to minimal experience (usually driving in residential areas, parking lots or few hours behind the wheel), looking to learn vast defensive driving techniques in all kinds of traffic condition, (head-in, back-in & parallel) parking, expressways driving and all maneuvers to pass the driving exam. (this package provides a discount of $15/lesson on night lessons, if added).

  • 10 lessons only - $1000

  • 10 lessons + Driving exam - $1140

  • Lessons $100/ea & Driving exam $140

  • Savings up to $495


Specially designed for parents willing to get nothing but the best for their teens. Parents will have to do nothing but relax, this package provides the 50 hrs of driving experience (of which 10 hrs will be at night) required for teens to obtain a Florida Driver License (learn more) in compliance with Florida Statute 322.05(3).

Our best option, the Elite Package provides extensive and detailed practice of all the materials and maneuvers covered in the 10 lesson/package plus GPS interaction and understanding (visual and audible), safe usage of cruise control in expressways & open roads, also extensive night lessons coverage to acquire skills in low visibility areas with quick glare avoidance procedure.

  • 25 lessons - $2800

  • 20 lessons (Daytime)** - 40 hrs

  • 5 lessons (Night-time) - 10 hrs

  • Savings up to $1180


**Last daytime lesson will be to take the Driving exam at the Driver's License Office (DMV).