JMP Driving School is a well-establish, time tested and proven company. We are committed to offering our students high quality and entertaining traffic safety experience. All of our State approved online courses are designed to be taken entirely at your own pace. Don't wait, it's very easy.

Whether you're looking for a company to help you get your learner's permit to learn how to drive or you're a driver who got a citation for any reason, below you will find the course that is just to suit your need.

The Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course, is a 4-hour seminar required of any person who has never held a regular driver’s license prior to their application for a driving permit in the state of Florida. (Drivers who are under 21 and receive a notice of suspension for driving with a BAC of 0.02 – 0.05 must complete a TLSAE course in order to reinstate their driver license on a hardship basis.)

The Internet-based course is comprised of six easy-to-read chapters and a compelling video presentation. You must pass a 40-question final exam by correctly answering at least 32 questions (80%) in order to successfully complete the course. Completions will be electronically reported to the FLHSMV, and you’ll get a paper Certificate of Completion for your records.

We understand that getting your driver license is a milestone in your life, and you don’t want to wait any longer than you have to. But the State of Florida doesn’t just give away those little plastic cards. They insist that you show you know the rules of the road.

Our Practice Permit Test program helps you to get comfortable with the testing process. It also allows you another opportunity to review the material. These double benefits will help you to build the confidence you’ll need to pass the test quickly and easily on your first try — and save hours at the DHSMV office. We’ll have you on the road in no time!

We’ll also tell you what you need to bring with you to the DHSMV office and help you to schedule an appointment. With the Practice Permit Test program, you’ll show up prepared!

This is “NOT” the DMV Permit test, this is for practice only”

Who can test this test online?
Only for customers under 18 years old are allowed to take this test online. If you are 18 years old or older, you will need to go personally to the DMV office of your preference.

I already took the Drug and Alcohol Course, Can I take the test here?
Once you have completed your First Time Driver Course (also known as Drugs & Alcohol Course) the next step is to take the DMV test. Whether you took the Drug & Alcohol Course with us or not, you can take the permit test with here.
If you haven’t taken the Drug & Alcohol yet, no problem, you can do it just by clicking here Drug & Alcohol Course

What identifications do I need to complete the online exam?
To complete the DMV Permit Test online you will need to provide the following information:
- Full Name
- Date of Birth
- Gender
- Social Security Number (SSN)
- Date of Birth
Important: If you have not been issued a Social Security Number, then you can provide one of the following: 1. Alien Registration Number or 2. Admissions Number. For a list of documentation requirements to receive a driver’s license or ID card please visit

What if I fail the online exam?
If you fail the online Florida DMV Exam the first time, don’t worry! You are allowed two (02)  re-takes if you do not pass on your first attempt, there is a re-test fee each time (as applicable if you were taking it at any DMV Office). If you are still unsuccessful after three attempts you will be required to go to the Driver’s License Office and request a re-test.
Test results are reported to the Division of Driver Licenses immediately and will be recorded in the applicant’s driver record. Start now and get your results right after.

Choose this option to keep points off your license and your insurance rates from increasing. It is your responsibility to notify the clerk that you are taking traffic school and you must turn in your certificate of completion to the county where you received the ticket.

-No points will be placed on your driving record
-Course is State approved in all 67 Florida Counties
-Insurance rates will not go up
-Take your 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement course and exam online

Escoja esta opción para quitar los puntos de su licencia y evitar que la cuota de su seguro aumente o si usted recibió una orden del Juez que necesita tomar 4 horas de escuela de tráfico. Es su responsabilidad notificarle a la Corte que usted esta tomando la escuela de tráfico y usted tiene que presentar el certificado de completación en la Corte del Condado donde usted recibió el ticket.

Beneficios de tomar este curso:

- Puntos no seran colocados en su record de manejo
- Curso aprobado en los 67 Condados del Estado de la Florida
- Evita el incremento en su póliza del seguro
- Tome el Curso Básico de Mejoramiento de 4-horas y el examen online

Students take this course because a judge has ordered them to take an 8 Hour traffic course or they volunteered to take an 8 Hour course to have points removed from a ticket they received.

- Choose the 8-hour course if you received two tickets in 1 year (not applicable to all Florida counties) or you were ordered by the court to take an 8-hour course

* Our 8-Hour Intermediate Course will not satisfy the “8-Hour Racing on the Roadway” or the “Driving While License Suspended” course requirements.
* The “8-Hour Aggressive Course” MUST be taken in a classroom setting only.

This course is intended for drivers who have been ordered by a judge to attend because they exhibit signs of aggressive driving behavior, such as: accumulating an excessive number of citations, driving with excessive speed, or unknowingly driving with a suspended license.

Check your court papers to confirm that this is the class you need.

This course is to educate students about the extreme dangers of unsafe and aggressive driving practices by getting them to examine their attitudes toward driving, and to suggest safer, more sensible behind-the-wheel behaviors.

Nothing could be easier!

“We offer online courses only - this course is meant to be taken in a classroom setting”


Drivers who have had their license suspended under the point system must enroll in this course to reinstate their driver’s license. Or, you may have been ordered by a judge to take this course. This DHSMV-approved program is available as a live classroom session or via the Internet. As with all of the courses, we offer students accurate and reliable information and the best support in the industry.

The Internet course is broken down into easy to comprehend chapters. Each section is written so that you can understand the information and progress with the course. We have the best technical service and customer support in the industry, and are here to help you with any questions. We are confident that you will enjoy our 12-Hour Advanced Driver Improvement course.

Mature Driver Course $17.00

A 6-hour accident prevention course can save you big money on your auto insurance!
Florida drivers over the age of 55 can save money on their auto insurance simply by completing a 6-hour accident prevention course! Insurers are mandated to reduce rates for three years, but the amount of the discount varies with each insurance provider; check with your agent for the details.

Here’s How It Works

Upon registration, you may start this online class immediately. Read the easy-to-follow course material at your own pace, and complete the lesson quizzes and final exam right on your computer. After you pass the course, a certificate of completion is mailed to you and a copy is sent to your insurer. It’s a cinch — and, once applied, your premium discount automatically continues for three years!