Once you have completed your First Time Driver Course (also known as Drugs & Alcohol Course) the next step is to take the DMV Test. Whether you took the Drug & Alcohol Course with us or not, you can take the permit test with here.

If you haven’t taken the Drug & Alcohol yet, no problem, you can take it just by clicking here Drug & Alcohol Course

Unlicensed drivers under the age of 18 now have the option of taking their Driver's Permit Test via the Internet. The flexibility and convenience of this online option means you can skip the congestion, long lines, and waiting at your local DMV (license office). Instead, you'll be able to relax and pass the test from the comfort of your own home.

Here's How It Works

By Florida state regulation, a parent must be present during the testing session. Before you access the test, your parent will be asked to provide certain identifying information and to certify statements that attest that they've monitored your test session.

Each driver's permit test (Class E Knowledge Test) consists of 50 multiple-choice subject matter questions (questions related to driving and traffic). Periodically throughout the test, you will also be asked to respond to personal identity validation questions. If you answer a personal identity validation question incorrectly (the answer does not match the answer given to that question during your registration process), you will be asked a different question; a second incorrect answer will result in the termination of your testing session (a "failure" of the test). You are allotted a total of 60 minutes to complete each attempt at the test.

You are required to correctly answer at least 40 (80%) of the subject matter questions in order to pass the test.

You are allowed three opportunities to pass the test in the online format. If you fail your first or second attempt at the test, you may attempt the test again, but will be required to pay a DMV-assessed retesting fee of $5 for your second and third attempts. If you fail your third attempt at an online test, you will have to go to your local DMV (license office) or tax collector office where you must take a paper-based version of the test; the online testing option will no longer be available to you.

Your test scores are electronically reported and they will be available to the DMV (license office) staff when you go to get your permit.



  • DO NOT use the same login information if you took the Drug and Alcohol course online using our website
  • When you enroll for the Practice Permit test and/or DMV Permit Test Online create different usernames to avoid conflicts in the system.
  • Only for customers under 18 years old are allowed to take this test online
  • For customer support please call (407) 732-6515