Many years of observation lead to the realization that many driving schools were not doing a good job at teaching or equipping new drivers for the road.

JMP Driving & Traffic School, representing more than 20 years of experience, was founded to fill that need and with the goal to provide the best learning experience available in South Florida.

Our unique approach to teaching is interactive and extremely tailored to the needs of each student. This ensures that each student has a unique experience at their own pace and based on their strengths, weaknesses and a thorough driving education that will lead to a lifetime of safe driving. Furthermore, a simple traffic safety experience through our traffic school program will help our customers keep a good driver’s license record.

Driving School Services:
- Certificates for Insurance Discounts
- Driving Lessons (Behind the Wheel Lessons)
- Packages available for Behind the Wheel lessons
- Professional Assistance for Written and Driving Test
- Free Pick up and Drop off from and to your home, school, work, etc.

Traffic School Services (available just online):
- 4 hrs traffic course
- 8 hrs traffic course
- 12 hrs traffic course
- First Time Driver (also known as Drug & Alcohol Course)
- Practice for Permit Test
- Permit Test Online