Students take this course because a judge has ordered them to take an 8 Hour traffic course or they volunteered to take an 8 Hour course to have points removed from a ticket they received. Choose the 8-hour course if you received two tickets in 1 year (not applicable to all Florida counties) or you were ordered by the court to take an 8-hour course.

This course is approved by the Florida Department Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (DHSMV)

* Our 8-Hour Intermediate Course will not satisfy the “8-Hour Racing on the Roadway” or the “Driving While License Suspended” course requirements.
* The “8-Hour Aggressive Course” MUST be taken in a classroom setting only.


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About the Certificate

  • You will select how you want to receive, the options are: email, fax or mail
  • Certificate of Completion will be sent based on your selection.
  • The course completion information will be forwarded electronically to the Florida DHSMV (not to the court).